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I am testing out the free version and wanted to know can I uninstall programs if I have the uninstall string?





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  • Hi Damell,

    Place the uninstall string (make sure the string includes the necessary silent parameters) in a batch file. When you create the package simply point the "Install File" to the batch file.

  • Thank you for your reply Shane...

    I am getting the generic error code 1.  Here is the uninstall string I pulled from the reg, C:\Windows\IsUninst.exe -f"c:\Program Files\e-TIMEsheet\Uninst.isu" -c"c:\Program Files\e-TIMEsheet\_UNODBC.DLL"

    Do I need to copy IsUninst.exe, Uninst.isu, & _UNODBC.DLL and place them into the same directory as the batch file?

  • Error code 1 usually (definitely not always) means that a file couldn't be found. If the IsUninst.exe file (or other files mentioned) don't exist then you'd see this error (you'd definitely see this error if IsUninst.exe doesn't exist). These files should already exist in the target directories on the computer where the uninstall string was extracted. Please verify that they exist where they are supposed to. If they do exist, please try running the uninstall from the a command line on one of the target machines. Does it succeed?



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