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I am hoping to get some info regarding your PDQ Deploy product for using in distributing install packages created with Adobe's AAMEE 3.1 tool.  Can anyone tell me if the two work nicely together?  Specifically regarding the "exceptions" folder that is created during the AAMEE package creation.  It seems as though when putting together their Design suites, Acrobat is not included in their main package and comes as an "exception" as must be installed before the main package.  I don't know why they can't fix this but...

Anyway, I'm hoping someone has experience with the PDQ Deploy product and AAMEE and can shed some light on whether or not I should even bother giving it a try.




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  • Hi Gary, we've not had AAMEE questions before. I've reviewed the Adobe site and it seems that the AAMEE 3.1 tool is no longer offered. Adobe is now asking teams to use the Creative Cloud Packager. Unfortunately the link on the Adobe page for this new method is bad. 

    Since we've not worked with AAMEE before we couldn't give more info on using with PDQ. PDQ does work well when needing to execute MSI or EXE packages that can be run silently. It seems like these Adobe tools are meant to install apps that then connect to Adobe's cloud. Some of the install files for the Adobe Application Manager state that the installs are not native but do support silent installation. (setup.exe  -mode=silent -action=install



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