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new scheduler gui

I seriously do not like the new interface for the scheduler on pdq deploy. I find it confusing. I like the more traditional calendar popup & if you must fit the time in the same window then add it below the date. Is there a way to get back the old gui for the scheduler?



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  • Hi Jonathan,

    No, there isn't a way to get the old calendar control in 3.0.

    Many of the controls that we use, including this one, come from DevExpress. It takes some getting use to if you're familiar with the old method but the slider feature is pretty cool. The benefits are more noticeable with a scroll wheel on the mouse. You no longer have to click through a bunch of different months to set an end date as you can just slide the month, year, day etc. to the points that you want. Without a scroll wheel you can still click and drag the controls to your desired date/time and, of course, there is also the ability to use the standard keyboard navigation (arrows, TAB and SHIFT+TAB)

    Sorry for the frustration. 



  • Well that's disappointing. The scroll wheel option really is not great; at least in my experience. I have to scroll many times for the numbers to move otherwise it kind of moves & then moves back. Could be my mouse but I have no problems scrolling webpages. If anything I would have preferred a combo box that would let you select the date & time. I'm just having a hard time adjusting to this new scheduler GUI.

  • a very interesting question for me