a certain deployment package stopped after updating version

I have PDQ Deploy 3 release 3 Pro on 3 different servers. I had a firefox deployment package on each one that is exactly the same and used to work perfectly but now it does not work on one of the servers. All the other packages work fine.

here is the command it is running as a package

Firefox Setup 26.0.exe /INI=\\server\sharedfolder\Browsers\Firefox\firefox.ini


I know the command works if I run it manually a workstation. I know the deployment package works because I have the exact replica on 2 other servers. This used to work before. I already tried doing a repair on the software with no luck. I also moved the installers to a different folder but still no luck.


the weird thing is that it takes a different parameter just fine and works such as "Firefox Setup 26.0.exe -ms" but will not work if changed to "/INI=etc/etc"


could it be a corrupt database? how can I fix it?





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  • Hi,

    The first thing I would do is verify that \\server\sharedfolder\Browsers\Firefox\firefox.ini exists and can be accessed by the deployment credentials. Then, I would verify that the deployment is not set to Run as Local System. (See attached image). Since your INI file is on a remote file share any Deployment using Local System will fail (unless that actual computer account is allowed access to the file share).



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