help with custom silent install of video converter

AnvSoft - Any Video Converter exe wants to install a toolbar (cannot remember which one - maybe AVG) and a search engine preference, but custom install allows you to uncheck these two options. How would I deploy this in PDQ without the tool bar and search change (in other words doing the custom option)? I see similar customization in your PDFcreator package, but is it that complicated?



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  • Hi Brad,

    We've noticed a trend in the last year or so. A lot of free programs that include bundled software will NOT install the additional software during a silent install. Sometimes you have to explicitly configure the install parameters to exclude the software. You noted one example.

    From my initial test it looks like a silent install of AVC does NOT install the add-on. I verified this by installing AVC manually and accepting the add-on called Sendori. I noticed both AVC and Sendori were installed. On another machine I deployed AVC using the following parameters


    and afterwards only AVC was installed, not the add-on.

    Test this out. If it does install an add-on then some more tinkering on the command line will be needed to prevent the unwanted software.

  • Shane,

    As usual, you guys know your stuff. Thanks, worked without me having to do a bunch of testing!


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