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target computer offline!

why it took 9 min. by deploying to check that the target computer is ofline?



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  • Is this happening to all machines that are offline? or just a couple in particular? 

    When i had this problem, i noticed an issue with the DNS settings and/or the hostname of the machine not matching up to the DNS record. 

    You may want to check that if it's just a couple of machines experiencing this. However, if it's happening to all offline machines, i'm sure an admin will be here to assist soon. 

  • This could also happen if there were many targets and this computer was farther back in the queue. Also, check the Offline Policy (Preferences > Deployments). If the Offline Policy is set to "Wake-on-LAN then attempt deployment" then it could wait up to 5 minutes while it tries to wake up of the offline computer.