Make a step in the deployment only apply to a specific Target List?

is it possible to make a step in a deployment package only apply to a specific target list? Basically, I'm trying to create a deployment package to deploy Microsoft Dynamics and there is an add on that only the "sales" computers get. So, is it possible to create a step to install the software but the condition on the step is to be a member of a target list that I have? Much like you can put conditions on OS/Architecture/Logged on State?



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  • No, this isn't possible within a Step. We do plan on adding additional Conditions but being a member of a Target List isn't one of them.

    You'd probably need to create a new Dynamics package that includes this add-on and then deploy that package to the Sales computers.

  • Ah, phooey. Oh well. Just trying to simplify the deployment for my less experienced counterparts.


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