How to copy a folder to the c:\ and install from there


Let me first say thank you for creating an awesome tool that is easy to use.

Here is what I am trying to do. I need to copy a folder from a shared network location to the c:\ of a workstation, then run a vb script from the folder that was copied to the c:\.  Is this possible through PDQ Deploy ?  I'm using version 2.2

Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi, its not complicated.

    You have to create a new package, select the vba script as installer, select additional files (check [x] entire directory and deploy.

    The files are copied to the target machine anyway. Btw, you should really upgrade to the latest 3.1.0 beta 2 version.

    Its pretty stable and I would call it more a RC than a beta ;-)

  • I used powershell

    $sourcePath = "\\servershare\c$\PDQ Packages\foldername"
    $destinationPath = "C:\"
    Copy-Item -Path $sourcePath -Destination $destinationPath -Recurse


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