Is there a way to Only Update (Install) Programs if they're already installed?

I have a pretty irregular pattern of software, but given the way PDQ deploys 8 sessions concurrently, and the fact I bundle a "start" and "stop" message -- it's generally best to group the packages together (e.g. chrome+firefox+etc)

But not all computers have all the same programs, e.g. some may have Firefox and/or Chrome and/or Flash and/or Shockwave.

It doesn't seem that PDQ Deploy has something akin to "only install if $programinstalled".


And while the pre-fab Collections in Inventory help a lot, it seems somewhat cumbersome or difficult to dynamically create packages to reflect EVERYTHING.

If I deploy "one package at a time" based on the proper collections for a single program, it stretches out the 'patch window' rather than Doing Computer A, Computer B, Computer C, etc.

Any suggestions?



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  • Hi Dushawn,

    You pretty much nailed it. In order to deploy the proper software to the machines that need it the individual package method is preferred. The other solution would be to encapsulate the deployments in a batch, vbs or powershell script. This way you could have the script (which becomes the Install File) check for existing software before running the respective installations.




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