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Summary on nested packages

Is it possible to edit/adjust  the summary reports to include the results of nested packages? I have often encountered an error on a deployment with a nested package on a pc or so but the report would state a success on the failed deployment.

Otherwise, could be a feature request.




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  • Yes and no. In PDQ Deploy 7 (currently in a public beta) you can edit certain aspects of your deployment notification report but nested packages aren't broken down. You will see a report on the number of steps that were ultimately processed which can help you nail down which nested steps failed but the report itself wouldn't go deeper than that.

    To get down to the nitty gritty you'd need to click on the Steps link of the failed computer and see the specifics about the failed step, especially if an output log was created. Output logs are created for any step that includes and MSI, MSP or if the install file sends any error message to STDOUT or STDERR.

  • Will a summary on nested packages be available in an upcoming release?