Could I get assistance in getting VS2010 to deploy?

I have been trying to deploy a VS2010 installation without success. I used the msi with admindeployment.xml and the exe with the unattend file and neither will deploy and install on the remote system, however, if I use the same switches on the remote system it will pull the installation in without issue. I didn’t change the msi file at all, and when I launch the install from the remote computer it installs within 30 minutes, so far I have been waiting for 2 hours for it to install but it never finishes, I can see the msiexec.exe running on the remote PC and PDQDeplyRunner-1.exe *32 also running on the remote PC, when I launch it from PDQ Deploy. I was wondering if anyone could see something I am missing or could assist in getting this working.



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  • I managed to get a little further with this deployment, I am now back to using the exe with the unattendfile settings. The following is what I am currently running: Install file =  \\Wdtest08r2\c$\Apps\VS2010\Setup\setup.exe

    Parameters = /unattendfile testing.ini

    This has gotten the setup exe to show up on the remote system as running with PDQDeployrunner, but as you can see by the attached file setup.exe * 32 is over 450MB and still running for over an hour. I am wondering if anyone has seen this before and if there is a way to get this to install, I have noticed a few people have posted problems with installing VS2010 with PDQDeploy but I haven't seen anyone show a sure way to do it, without referencing the microsoft page on how to deploy using switches. 


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