Is there a way to get around the ADMIN$



  • SelfMan

    No I am afraid there is no workarround (yet). The only way would be a separate client/server application where the client woul run on the machine as a service and contact the server regulary.

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  • Simon Levy

    If I understand your response correctly:

    If PDQ Deploy had an agent that communicates with a server, in this case it could download the solution locally to run it correct?

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  • Shane Corellian

    Yes, there is a way around this. The change, however, is global to PDQ Deploy meaning all computer targets would be affected.

    In Preferences go to the Target Service panel. You'll see the default directory is ADMIN$\AdminArsenal. In order to use something else you would need to establish a shared directory on all targets that you would rather use. The shared directory must have the same path on all targets.

    The image below shows a custom setting for this feature. In this example all the computers have a shared directory called Deploy which is located in C:\Deploy.

    This is an advanced setting and its purpose is to allow environments that restrict access to ADMIN$ to still be able to function. If your policy would allow the C$ then that would save you a step of having to create the share on all targets. You could just add C$\AdminArsenal and the share path would be C$.


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