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PDQ Deploy & DFS as Repository

I have a network with 3 domain controllers at 3 locations and I'm pointing the repository to a DFS share. When a PC pulls a file from the DFS it will pull from the local Domain Controller that the DFS has replicated to, but when I use PDQ it is pushing from the DFS where my deployment server resides on. So PDQ resides on DC-2 and when pushing deployments from there the PC's on DC-1 or DC-3 they are pulling the file from DC-2's DFS. Is there any way around this or a fix?



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  • Hi Benny,

    It seems as if the Copy Mode "Push" is set in your Deployment Package. If so, the files will be "Pushed" to the targets from the repository of which the Deploy console is pointing to. In order for the files to come from their respective DFS locations, the "Pull" Copy mode need to be set in the package.

    Here are great video tutorials in which Lex offers great information on configuring and using DFS with PDQ Deploy:

    Let us know if you have any questions after watching these tutorials.


  • Thanks Bandon! Setting it in Pull mode was exactly what I needed.