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I am new to both Deploy (Enterprise) and Inventory (Pro), which we have both of, and am struggling for something that seems easy (and may be).

I would simply like to update things like Flash and Java, for those systems that have them. Not all do.  So, once I download the update package, how can I tell Deploy to install and update only those computers for which said program is installed?  I know Deploy is able to see into PDQ Inventory, and I have Inventory set up to mirror Windows AD and the computer OUs that I have. I just want to be able to target the installs for only the systems that have them, though. 



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  • Hi Matt, here is blog article which shows how to create collections of computers that do not have something installed.  

    NOTE: if you upgrade to Enterprise version of PDQ Inventory you will have access to the Collection Library which is a grouping of pre-made collections that we maintain which show which applications are installed and not installed. It's pretty much exactly what you are looking for, but if you don't want to go to enterprise you can always build your own collections using the steps listed in the blog above.


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