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Is there a way to schedule deployments to detect when a system is turned on. and deploy at that time.

I have systems that are on at random times and i m having difficulty keeping those systems up to date with applications. 



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  • Bpage,

    We do not have a native in feature in Deploy that lets you specifically deploy to a machine when it comes online. If you know of a time when the machines have the highest chance of being on, I suggest setting a scheduled deployment to kick off then. Alternatively, you could have the scheduled deployment kick off in increments throughout the day.(once every hour or every other hour)


  • I would love the option to deploy to a machine when it comes online.  We have quite a few remote users that VPN into the office.  Since 90% of my deployments occur after work hours, these remote machines rarely get the necessary updates.  

  • What you ask is now possible in PDQ Deploy 4.

    Deployment adds to queue if system is offline at deployment time, and a heartbeat from the system when it comes online wil kick of the installer.

    Requires PDQ Infentory as well.

  • DoesNotCompute: Can you clarify, when you say a heartbeat from the system are you referring to the settings under Preferences -> Deployments -> "Retry Queue Interval"?  Or does it actually listen to pdq inventory and as soon as a computer comes online retry the package?

  • Hi Joe,

    PDQ Inventory with a Pro license is required for this to work, but essentially when Inventory does a heartbeat scan or ping on the computers and sees a state of change from Off to On, it will then send a notification to Deploy for that machine to start the schedule.  This has nothing to do with the Retry Queue and you should not use the two features in conjunction.  This is a great feature to use for those machines that are not always on site or turned on.

    We have a video covering this a little bit more in depth:  Heartbeat Schedule


  • Hi

    since a few hours I'm looking into your two Software Tools and i like them very much. But there is one question left... Is there a way to update a Software when the PC boots up or the User logs in?
    I know there is Heartbeat to detect when a PC is powered up. But Heartbeat in PDQ Inventory is checking every 120 seconds? An PDQ Deploy is talking to PDQ Deploy every 60 seconds? So there will be 3 Minutes where the User can start his Browser or starts working.
    I'm asking because im looking for a Solution where Updates will be installed but will not close any Programm (Kill Process).
    So it would be perfect if the Installation will only start if the PC has bootet up or directly after the User logs in. Alternative when PC will be shut down

    Kind regards

  • Hello ,

    i think there are no function like this in PDQ Deploy but you can create a script that add a task , in the task you can insert what you want and schedule the start when computer shutdown or start.