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Acrobat Failing to Deploy

Hi I'm having the same issues as described here:

I've modified Acrobat Standard XI with the customization wizard and every time I try to deploy it fails. I can browse to the share on the target computer and run the installation manually and it will install fine. The target computer is a freshly installed copy of Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. No other third party installations have been made to the computer. I've attached some logs from the failed deployments.



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  • Hi Matt,

    I found the following errors from the logs you sent: 

    ERROR_ACROELEMENTS_INSTALLED = The installer detected that you have Acrobat Elements on your system.  You must uninstall the older version first before installing this version.

    ERROR_OLD_ACROBAT_INSTALLED = The installer detected that you have an older version of Acrobat on your system.  You must uninstall the older version first before installing this version.

    ERROR_BASE_OVER_PRO = Setup has detected that you already have a more functional product installed.  Setup will now terminate.

    IsMinIE_Message =  requires Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater.  Please visit to upgrade Internet Explorer.

    It looks like you have some conflicting installs of Adobe Acrobat/Elements(possibly reader). Clear out any Adobe installs on the machine.

    Upgrade IE to 7.0 or greater as well.

    Also, send a screenshot of your install step if you do not mind.

  • Hi Brandon thanks for the reply,

    I noticed that as well but the thing is this is a completely fresh install of Windows 7 Pro x32. I have never had any other Adobe products installed. It has been patched with the latest Windows updates but that is it. It currently has IE 11 installed.

    I'm not sure what you been by my install setup. Could you please clarify?


  • Matt,

    The install step of your PDQ Deploy package is what I need a screenshot of..(Open your Adobe deployment package and highlight the Install Step)

    It is interesting that you are getting those errors with a fresh OS installation.  Can you confirm that the correct machine is actually being deployed to?(Verify there are no erroneous DNS entries for the specific machine)


  • Well I'm terribly sorry and now I feel like an idiot but I had the installation configured incorrectly. The directory for the file include was for my reader package not acrobat. I remedied the issue and now it's deploying. Thanks for helping me realize that. For reference I attached the screenshot so you can see how similar the directories are.

    Thanks for your help.