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Odd Deployment Question: "Deploying" a script that doesn't return

This is perhaps a strange question but...

I'm using PDQ Deploy to start a script on a bunch of remote computers. The script checks some values on the remote computer then reboots the remote machine. The problem is, the script never returns because the computer reboots. The script cannot be altered so I can't initiate the reboot a different way.


Everything "works" right now under PDQ Deploy but PDQ doesn't know that the machine rebooted and thus waits and waits and waits for an exit code. After an hour the deploy errors because it never gets the response. I'm really new to PDQ Deploy so I don't know if there a better way to do this or not. I really don't need to know the exit code so I was thinking of starting my script with the windows "start" command. I thought this would launch the script under a different process and return to PQD Deploy. Unfortunately, it seems that the "start" command doesn't work under PDQ Deploy.


Any ideas on how I can get this to work?



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  • Hi Bill,

    Since you can't change the script, can you call that script inside of a .bat file and choose the .bat file as your install file to deploy?