Run a remote *.cmd from PDQ-deploy



  • Shane Corellian

    If an install works when you run it interactively (when you manually run the bat file) but fails when you deploy it then the issue is often permissions and/or access to an interactive desktop.

    The Run As option may need to be changed. Make sure you aren't running as Local System. Using Local System would prevent the deployment from successfully accessing network file shares once the installation begins. You will want to Run As Deploy User or Deploy User (Interactive). The Deploy User must have rights to all the referenced network locations (\\wds\Pakker\Jet 
    Report 2012-2013\setup.iss, \\wds\Pakker\NAV2009R2DK\setup.xml, etc)

    I would recommend finding out what error code 2 means from Symantec. This could mean anything from File Not Found, to Fatal Error, etc. Finding out what their error (return) codes mean will help you in troubleshooting.

    Is xcopy returning error code 4? 




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  • Me

    Sorry for the late reply.

    NAV is not Norton Antivirus, but Microsoft Navision.

    It seems as I have managed this thing by this workaround:

    Havn't been looking into the JetReport part yet.

    Regards, Lars.

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