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Execute Setup file on target machine (Lync 2013)

I have created a PDQ Package to copy the Lync 2013 files to all our Lync User PC's (Not everyone has Lync) to a local folder.

The Folder is located: %USERPROFILE%/Lync2013.

After the files are copied the process is:

1.  Make an appointment with the user to Uninstall Lync 2010 (PDQ Package) ... reboots the machine (Works Great)

2. Install the Local (on the target) install of 2013 and quietly.

I have about 105 machines to do and so far the copying of the install files is going well.

How do I execute the setup.exe file on the users (target)machine with PDQ? I copied the files to the machines locally because the package is quite large and using the normal (and easy) push takes forever on the Lync install.


Can anyone help with this?




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  • In this case you would need to create an MSP file (setup.exe /admin), saving it in the updates directory, and then call a batch file from Deploy running the following: setup.exe /adminfile "updates\name.MSP" (you can also include the config.xml file here as well if you’re doing a network installation).