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Adobe Cloud 2014

Installing Adobe Cloud has been a hit or miss. I have attempted to package nested groups of our standard suite which includes acrobat pro, bridge, illustrator, indesign, & photoshop.

Typically, Acrobat is the first to install, then Bridge. What tends to happen is after a major install, example, illustrator, the app installing after would fail. Even rearranging the order, fail. No valid logical error code to troubleshoot. Installing as individual packages, overall success is better. Also, deploying through BAT file is more successful.

Any advice would be great. Thanks!



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  • Hi Alfredo,
    It's been a long while, but I wanted to go ahead and answer this, as it seems to have been missed initially. Adobe currently has a Creative Cloud Packager that will do much of the work of creating the installation packages for you that can then be deployed via PDQ Deploy. More information on this tool can be found here:

  • Hi Brigg,

    I was reaching out to help branch ideas for a more streamlined successful deployment, maybe by adding sleep into the package, etc. But no luck.

    I used Cloud packager to create the individual & full packages. I encountered the same issues in both instances. Although it happens less with the 2015 versions, it still does occur. At the end of the day, it is really an issue with Adobe.