First package work while others hangs while included in nested package

Hi guys,

I'm not sure what's going on here, we are currenly trying out PDQ deploy enterprise trial and when I go and create a single deploy package, it will work just fine but when I go and include that packed inside another package (nested package) only the first package will run and the others just hangs..

Let say that I have those 3 itens

- Adobe reader
- Java runtime

Adobe reader will run just fine, while it will just hangs when it tries to run the Java runtime task. After an hour, it will time out and thus fail.

Would anyone know what would cause this?

Thank-you :)



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  • Hi,

    What version of PDQ Deploy are you currently running? Also, other than a timeout, do you receive any error messages from the failed install? Try clicking the steps link and viewing the output log for additional troubleshooting information.


  • Hi Brandon,

    I'm currently running the latest version (PDQDeploy. There's no other error messages that I saw at the time and I can see that the install files have been pushed to the client computer and when I opened up task manager I don't see the java installer starting.

    I don't know if this make any different but I'm testing everything out on a local computer and not trying to push any installs to a remote computer on the same network.

    Thank-you :)

  • Some updated info:

    I've managed to get it to happen again and this time I told it to send a bug report in. When I did that, I've put in my own private email address in and not the work one..

    Here's the ticket id and title of it: #26659 PDQ Deploy Diagnose Report - Remote process exceeded timeout for completion


    Thank-you :)


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