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order of multiple packages on a schedule

What would the order of package installation when you use multiple packes on a schedulled install (new feature)? Can you change the order?



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  • Hey, we would really like this functionality too here's why:

    We have our desktops wake in the night, and approx 15min later the pdq auto deployment kicks in to install software.

    We would like the last step to be a custom package that install windows updates (script), reboots, then puts the computer back to sleep.

    The alternate method I thought of was to script (using psexec) a remote command line install of nested packages, however this cannot use auto deployment packages so it would mean importing and possibly re-coding each time a new package version was released.

    Any other ideas - I may be missing something as new to the product :-)

  • Could you not just use group policy to set your update window to be 1 hour after your deployment time?

    Then it's just a generic shut down task to put all the machines back down.

  • Hey folks,

    The ability to change the deployment order for attached packages in a schedule is available in PDQ Deploy 5. This version is currently in a public beta. You can download the beta here


  • Can you point me to where this feature's usage is documented in PDQ Deploy 10?

  • Hi Eddie,

    At a glance it looks like we don't show you how to do that in the documentation. We will add that in the next release.

    In the meantime, you can open your Schedule. Go to the Packages tab (the packages tab won't exist until the schedule has been created). Highlight the package whose order you wish to change and click the up or down arrows accordingly.

    The image below shows Auto Deployment packages but the method is the same for custom packages as well.

  • Hi Eddie, 

    This is in our Help documentation under Managing Schedules. You can also get there from within the product by clicking on the Help button and navigating to Help for PDQ Deploy > Working with Deployments > Setting up Scheduled Deployments > Managing Schedules.

    Additionally, if you choose to deploy multiple packages using Deploy Once without using a schedule, they are deployed in the order that they were selected.