Could there be a feature to prompt the admin for a valiable for every package deployment?

Say you have packageA which has a paramenter for a key. This key is unique for every user. Currently the software gets installed on the computer and a Help Desk rep connects with the user to input there key which is inefficient.

Wondering if there could be a Step called "Input" that will prompt the admin for a string that only needs to persist for the session. Then, anywhere else in the package, I might be able to refer to it like '$(key)'

For example for the Parameters for a Install Step could be "/verysilent /config=$(key)"



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  • Hi Matt,

    I'm sorry but this is not a native feature in our product at this time.  It sounds like the best solution for what you're trying to accomplish would be to script out your install and reference a file with the key information associated with each user/computer/etc. that you can call in the script.



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