Authorization/connection issues



  • Shane Corellian


    I know you mentioned that you have killed all connections to the share but I want to verify. Do you have any mapped drives? This is usually the big gotcha. A GPO will map a drive using your logged on account and then PDQ Deploy will attempt to connect to a target OR grab Install Files from a file server using the deploy credentials that are different from your logged on credentials. At this point you will receive this error from Windows.

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  • Nick Corsentino

    Here's my setup:

    PDQ Deploy installed on my main desktop. MDT on our WDS server. I have created a user, deployuser, in an admin group, to deploy. The deployuser is also granted full rights to the MDT share (where all of my applications are, for simplicity sake).

    In my VM, I have no issues. On my machine, I have issues. I have other shares that are mapped, BUT none of them are on the WDS server. I also don't have the MDT share mapped, either. For some reason, ONLY on this computer, the computer itself, or just the software, thinks I have it mapped...

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