How can you manually redeploy an update to a single computer that missed an auto deployment?

The Auto Deployment that I had set up ran OK on the computers that the Schedule was linked to in the Collection Library in PDQ Inventory except for a few of the laptop computers that were off the network.  I know that I can setup a regular deployment for these computers when they are back on the network, which I have done.  Is there was a way to go into the Auto Deployment Schedule where these computers failed, individually selecting the computer/s that this failed on and just redeploying from there?

We are running PDQ Deploy 3.2 Release 2 Enterprise Mode and PDQ Inventory 3.1.3 Build 21 Enterprise Mode.





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  • Hi Bob,

    Go to All Schedules and open the schedule that kicked off the Auto Deployment. In the Options tab make the "Stop Deploying to computers once they succeed" option is checked. If it is checked then you should be able to right click on the schedule and select Deploy Now. This will deploy the attached packages to computers that have not received it.


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