scheduled deployments does not work properly after update 3.2r2?



  • Shane Corellian

    There are a few reasons why a scheduled deployment would appear to not run.

    The option "Stop deploying to computers once they succeed" is enabled and all targets have been successful. If all targets are successful then the next scheduled deployment won't run. With Auto Deployment the Computer History is based per Package per Version so the next released version will start out fresh. For something like your Update Helpdesk Agent schedule this may be a problem. 

    Do a manual test. For example, right click on one of the schedules from the Package Library and select (Deploy Now). Then go to your All Deployments and see if anything was kicked off.

    You may also want to check your Application Event Logs in Event Viewer. If a schedule was unable to start (and there were valid targets) then an error may be logged. If an error is logged, please send it to us.

    Another maintenance task to do is to Stop the Background Service (from the Preferences window) then close and restart PDQ Console. 

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  • Roy Andre Lund

    I have tried quite a few things now, and the only way I have been able to get my schedules to work again is by deleting and re-creating / re-importing all packages...(and select/attach the "new" package in the Schedules)


    By the way:

    - Only deleting and re-creating Schedules did not work (using the "old" packages)

    - The server had been restarted, so there should not have been any issues with the background service

    - I cleared the log, but there were no new entries (neither warnings nor errors)

    - "Stop deploying to computers once they succeed" is/was enabled

    - "Stop deploying to computers if they fail" = 0 (unlimited)

    - Right-clicking and choosing "deploy now" on one of the a failing schedules did not work (nothing happened).

    - Right-clicking a package linked in one of the Schedules worked just fine.

    - In failing schedules under the Computer History tab, the "failures" counter did not increment

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  • Shane Corellian

    Hi Roy,

    It sounds like there is some corruption in the database. Will you contact us on our support at We may need to take a look at your database to see where the problem exists and how it can be fixed. 

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