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Is it possible to "bump" a deployment to the front of the queue?

I have started using the auto deployment feature to deploy regular updates to runtimes and such. The issue I am having is that this means that I almost constantly have deployments running on around 3000 computers for the couple of days after an update comes out. During this time period it makes PDQ Deploy unusable for any other deployments. The only thing I can do is abort the current scheduled deployments and deploy the single package, then restart them. 

What I'm looking for is an option to deploy a package to a single computer, or small group, and tell PDQ Deploy to put them at the front of the line. Is this possible or already available?



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  • HI Dan,

    There is currently not a way to bump or set deployment priorities.

    We are considering the ability to set priorities in future releases.


  • Thanks for replying Lex.

    I feel like this will definitely put the icing on the cake when it comes to heartbeat scheduling. 


  • I just started using heartbeat scheduling and that is my biggest issue with it.

    Being able to put a deployment at the front of the line would be a boon to my deployments.

  • Checking back in on this, is it still being considered? I am resorting to building packages in Lansweeper in order to have timely deployments to one off machines. Hasn't been a great experience having to maintain two deployment systems.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. We have an existing internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented.

  • I came here to do a similar feature request...just posted this on another thread as well. We use the auto deployments to manage a bunch of different installs so there are constantly installations queued. When I am building a new package and need to test it "Deploy Now" really means "Get it in the queue now and wait an hour" which makes ironing the kinks out of a multi-step package time consuming. I would love it if "Deploy Now" put the jobs at the front of the queue instead of the back. It would also work fine if we could go to "All Deployments" and somehow adjust the priority or bump a job.