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Keyboard Delay over RDP

I have been experiencing significant keyboard input delay when using PDQ Deploy over Windows 7 RDP to Server 2008. To clarify, when typing the characters in any input box the characters are very slow to appear. I've tried:

  • Re-installing DOT NET and restarting
  • Turning some and all RDP enhanced features (in the Experience tab)
  • Restarting the Server after installing Windows updates
  • Toggling background services 
  • Many more things I can't remember

I've had this problem since I purchased the product last year in October, but it seems to have gotten worse after the latest updates. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please let me know if you need more detail. 





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  • Update: I've also submitted a support request for this. 

  • I know thread is stale and I should open a new one, but I have the same issue, from PDQDeploy 6 to the current 8.

    I need to run it from this VM in our hosted data center and not my personal machine, and through RDP the PDQ interface is quite laggy with a lot of latency. the other things on this server I access through RDP do not behave this way.

    Of course I'll never not use PDQ because it's so awesome! Just wish I could figure out why, I've tried tweaking some RDP setting to no avail. Database is 47MB. But it's not just laggy when clicking on a package (Loading...) it's laggy all around even the drop down menus.

  • Delete last post, I think I may have figured it out, this server VM is always at like 50-80% CPU. I'm going to do more investigating it's likely not pdqdeploy issue.

  • Have you tried setting the video quality on the rdp session to a low value?

    Just curious if this is video related. If you set it to like low colors on the session properties of the Mstsc.exe run does that make a difference?


  • Yeah I tried 8bit color. Which looked bad :) But still the lagginess. I'm going to guess it's something with our server since I don't see anyone else making posts on it.

    I also added two more vCPUs to server still nothing.

  • no wait! I just did some experimenting, clicking from Package to Package, whereas before it would say "Loading page..." is now much faster. Maybe going from 2x cpu to 4x cpu on server did the trick.

  • I bet this server was just overburdened it's running a bunch of our IT dept tools