Quickbooks 2015 Uninstall

I have figured out a way to successfully install Quickbooks 2015 silently, but when I run the uninstall switch (x) it fails with the MSI Error 1603.  I do have include sub-directories checked.  Is there another way to uninstall QB?

Thanks for any help!



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  • I tried using the package code from registry and got error code 1619.

    MsiExec.exe /X{F265C96EE812E5647879F4E24452D24C} /q /norestart

  • I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would share how you INSTALLED QuickBooks 2015

  • I've not seen a definitive method for installing Intuit products silently. I've seen some discussions about using transforms, etc. Intuit is kind of known for having difficult (or impossible) methods for silently installing apps. 

    The /X is only to be used when you are uninstalling an application. 

    To answer Ryan's first question (sorry we missed it) you will need to check the "Include Entire Directory" whenever the install files are more than a single exe or msi. 

  • Tim, here is how I was able to get it to install:

    msiexec /i quickbooks.msi /le installLog.txt CKBOX_GDS=0 AgreeToLicense=Yes INSTALLDESKTOPICONS=0 MULTIUSERINSTALL=1 QB_LICENSENUM=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX QB_PRODUCTNUM=XXX-XXX /quiet /norestart

  • I've tried that (Log says "Please run setup.exe to install QuickBooks") with no luck.    I have also tried using Orca and creating an transform file which give me the "Error 1723: .....a .DLL file is missing".   I've spent the better part of my day trying to make this work.   I appreciate your response but the only light at the end of the tunnel is a train when it comes to QuickBooks.   I REALLY wish I could get my user OFF this "Mickey Mouse" software (My apologies to Mickey Mouse) and on to something that is actually made for an enterprise environment.

    Thanks again for the response!

  • I hear you loud and clear!  I always recommend PeachTree over QB.  I haven't had these issues or really any issues with PeachTree.  Soon I will be getting rid of QB and moving to a real cloud system for ERP/MRP.

    BTW.. I've tried Powershell scripts and vbScrpts with no luck either.  The only one that has worked is the msiexec using PDQDeploy for install only.


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