Java 8 deployment question

Hi all,

when deploying Java 8 Update 31 to a computer that already has Java 8 Update 25 installed, the older version does not get uninstalled or updated. After the deployment I have two separate Java installations. Why is that? With Java 7 I could install the latest version and the older version would get updated.

Is there a solution for the behaviour (modifying the msi? If yes: how?)?

Thanks in advance




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  • Thats interesting, are you doing it as a full package install?

    I just did 200 machines as an update from 8.25 to 8.31 and it removed 8.25 but I did the update not just 8.31

  • Hi Jochen,

    Since Java 8 Update 20 (and onward) Oracle forces Java to install as a static installation, meaning each subsequent update will be installed as a separate application and separate program folder. If you use the Java 8 packages in the Package Library we create a Transform file which forces Java to update the old version instead of creating a separate installation, uninstall old versions, as well as force the install into the same jre8 program folder. If you install manually or without the transform file making those changes you'll see multiple installs of Java 8 Update 20 and higher.



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