Adobe Flash Auto Deployment - Can you change the update settings?

If I go to the Package Library and look at Adobe Flash - under Details it says:

Pro mode will overwrite existing mms.cfg file to disable Auto Updates.  To keep your existing mms.cfg file simply delete steps 2 and 3.

How would you modify steps 2 and 3 when using an Auto Deployment Schedule?  It automatically pulls the packages from the package library and I don't see how to open them and modify steps?

I basically want to make sure Adobe Flash doesn't do auto updates and also doesn't NOTIFY users of available updates.  Is that the default setting on both the Adobe Flash package and the Adobe Flash (All IE) package?




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  • Gretchen, 

    My apologies for the delay in our response.

    The default settings for these two packages disables the auto updates (and notifications).  If you remove either steps 2 or 3, then auto updates will be enabled for the end user.  The intent of these packages is to disable the auto updates so that you, as the sys admin, can control how and when updates are deployed.  

    There is a caveat to this, you need to have an active Pro or Enterprise license in order for these packages to work as intended.

    Hope this helps, 



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