Scheduled reboots for a PDQ collection?

Hi there, long time user, first ever question (A testament to how easy the software is to use!)

I have a requirement to set any assets which require a reboot to be rebooted from 01:00 in the morning. I am using a PDQ Inventory collection to generate a list of computers which require a reboot and have set a Scheduled Deployment in PDQ deploy to use this list. All good so far.


The issue is that this is only running on each computer once, therefor causing the reboot to occur once even if, in the future an asset requires a reboot. I wish for it to run overnight every night and ensure that patches are applied.

Can anyone explain how to achieve this



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  • Check the settings of your schedule. Under the "Options" tab there is a checkbox for "Stop deploying to computers once they succeed". I bet you still have that box checked.


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