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Deploy BGingo (non installation software)

Hi, I have been trying to come up with a way to distribute BGinfo to PCs and notebooks in my domain (total 500 units but for Windows 7 only).
We have 95% running on Windows 7, about 10 MACs and misc. For the BGinfo, I will only use on Windows 7.

I hope you can understand that I am very experienced in WinXP and therefore some of my descriptions are WinXP based and do now know if it can be done in Win7.

1. Copy BGinfo into \\%hostname%\%windir%\resource\
2. copy "bginfo shortcut" into "all user" startup folder (in WinXP this was "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

I do not need this to be automated as I will run this manually but I hope to script can detect if BGinfo was previously copied and stop if it detects.

I only have the following
- domain admin account credentials
- IP address of PCs and notebooks (obtain via HDCP, IP scanners etc)



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