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Retrying Package - Inundated with emails

I have a package that simply copies a config file and stops/starts a service.  I like how the initial run gives me an email of failures/successes, but then it seems after that all I get is individual emails on a per machine success basis from then on out.

Is there a way to configure Deploy to aggregate those emails into one email, or by chance retry all failures as a group instead of one-offs so the email contains just the combined group of failures it tried deploying to?

As it stands, in the mornings I'm stuck copying/pasting computer names into an email to provide to our CS team of the successes after the initial run.



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  • Hi Karson,

    This was a side effect from the Retry Queue.  This and many other changes have been put in to effect in Deploy 7 that will give much more control and flexibility with reporting.  Right now this version of Deploy is in the final stages of Beta testing but should be available for release fairly soon.