Auto Deployment fails to download installation



  • Jerry Pittman

    Similar scenario 2 Pakages pending for three days. Unable to verify reason package has not downloaded for AutoDeployment. 

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  • Emily


    Michael submitted this separately as a Support ticket and indicated that he found the solution on his own.

    "When we were trialing the software, we used the default repository. When we purchased our full enterprise license, we moved the repository to a network share via UNC.

    I believe I may have resolved it however. I noticed that if I went to add a brand new package to our auto deployment that wasn’t used prior during our trial period, it would successfully download to our new repository. Feeling that the PDQ Deploy DB may have been stuck thinking that it had already downloaded Adobe Flash etc via Auto Deployment it wouldn’t have to download it again but due to the change in repo it was getting confused.

    I manually imported the packages that were giving me issue(also leaving the package available in our auto deployment schedule)and subsequently, obviously, the auto deployment is successful. I then deleted the imported entry which left the downloaded package in our repository. I am hoping this will resolve our issue and any updates to auto deployment packages will be downloaded automatically."

    Is this the same issue that you are having?

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