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How do you add a computer to an automatic deployment after the deployment has been established?

I've have several auto deployments that are approved automatically after 24 hours, i.e. Google Chrome Enterprise, in PDQ Deploy (Enterprise).  They are set to install automatically at 7pm each night after the automatic approval.  This has been working great.  However, when I set up the auto deployments, I tied them to a dynamic collection in PDQ Inventory (free mode), i.e. the Google Chrome collection.  The collections are updated each day when I perform an inventory scan on our network.  New computers have been added to our network and those new computers are automatically added to the collections.  However, PDQ Inventories' Auto Deployment feature doesn't try to automatically deploy updated software to the newly added computers in the collections.  I don't see an option to add a computer to the target list.  Am I just missing it somewhere?  Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!



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  • I just want to clarify something. When you say "I tied them to a dynamic collection in PDQ Inventory" do you mean that you are using the Link To feature? I want to make sure you didn't use the Choose Targets button. Look at the Choose Targets and Link To section of the documentation (link is below).

  • What I've been doing is selecting a package from within the Package Library > Create New Schedule > and set my schedule.  For the Targets tab I've been choosing Choose Targets > PDQ Inventory and choosing a collection I've already built, i.e. the Google Chrome collection.  It is populated with PC names of the dynamic collection I've already built and inventoried.  I "assumed" when I inventoried All Computers the dynamic collection would update and so would the targets for the Auto Deployment package.

    I'll review the documentation so I can start doing it properly.



    I'll check

  • Gotcha. When you use Choose Targets for a schedule you are only selecting a static list of computers. When you want something dynamic then you need to use the Link To feature. In the Link To you do not select computers but rather a source, such as a Collection, AD OU, etc.

  • Thank you for your help in this matter and the article link.  I've converted all of my auto deployments to be links instead of targets.

    I greatly appreciate your work on this product.  Our network's third-party apps are much more up-to-date using PDQ Deploy and Inventory than they used to be using another product.