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Firefox icon issue after deployment of newer version

I pushed out the Firefox 37 pkg to about 80 users. They already had Firefox 24 installed. The install went fine, but desktop shortcuts and taskbar icons that the users had setup (and public desktop) are now attempting to run the firefox installer for 24 (which fails with error) instead of opening the new installed version of firefox. I have been manually deleting the icons and setting up new ones, but was hoping for some help on this because I am going to be pushing the update to a much larger group soon. I do have a script to delete and replace the correct icons but it doesn't always seem to work.



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  • For anyone else out there having this issue, it was resolved through a Support ticket.

    From Admin Arsenal, "It sounds like what your users are clicking on is a shortcut to the installation files. I did a quick check and uninstalled all versions of Mozilla Firefox and installed version 24. I made a shortcut for this on the taskbar and the desktop and then deployed version 37.0.2. Both shortcuts still work just fine and show the correct version."

    Tbryant, "Thanks for checking on this. I think you're correct. It looks like firefox was preinstalled in the old thick image with custom links. It only seems to be happening on older laptops that would've been setup with the old images. I tweaked the script and just have it running after the firefox pkg."