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Would it be possible to redeploy only failed packages when deploying a netsed package (feature request possibly)?

The Enterprise version of PDQ Deploy has Auto Retry, but from what I have gathered, retry only applies to offline computers (I am a using the pro version.).  I have several nested packages to deploy when setting up new computers.  Occasionally, one or more of the packages (steps) fail due to missing prerequisites or some other error.  Redeploying to failed computers is a great existing filter.  Could PDQ Deploy redeploy only the failed step(s)/packages?  One package has 34 steps.  One step fails, and the whole thing has to run again.



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  • I also have the exact same issue. I have found that I can kind of get around it by changing the error mode to Continue, but this seems to hide the any errors that arise unless you specifically go in and look at the steps after it completed.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the great idea, but at this time this isn't on our road map as it would involve some pretty big changes to the current product to achieve this.