I have a program that *requires* a run-as Administrator for first run

It's a huge, flaming, PITA. the vendor's docs say "turn off UAC, go to compatibility settings and set it to always run as Administrator for all users. always" It actually works OK without that, AFTER doing a run-as for first run... I don't seem to be able to get around that first-run as an actual Administrator.

I'd like to be able to add a step to my package to do a run-as, then either kill it and/or pop a message box that they should exit before using it.

is that possible within the PDQ Deploy package itself, or do I have to do it with a script and then run the script as a step?



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  • I would suggest you create a custom installation package. Use a registry diff tool (http://sourceforge.net/projects/regshot/) to get all the registry changes from the application. Then copy the files to the target location and import the registry entries.

    What you will need is to set the permissions on the registry keys (and application folder if *.ini files are used), to allow the users to write to them.This is in most cases the reason that the old apps require to turn off UAC - write permissions.

  • Have you tried making a step that launch's the program via command line. (run as in the package settings set to an administrators credentials)

    Then have a "SLEEP" step that sleeps for however  long it normaly takes to launch the program.

    Then a third step that kills the program via command line?


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