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Passing variables between steps in a package?

Are there any plans to add some way to pass information from one step in a package to the next step. Also the ability to skip to a step depending on a given variable. This could save us some time when creating packages rather than just writing it all out in a script.



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  • While this is still on the table with the developers and a great feature request, it's not something that has been decided upon yet.

  • Is this still on the table? I would LOVE to be able to pass variables to future steps!

  • This would be very handy. I'm working on a update notification before the installation of an application. It would be nice if a could set a variable in PowerShell if the process was running before I killed it in a Pre-step and use that variable in a Post-step and only show a 'update complete' notification if the process was running before the update.

  • I would like that feature too :-)