When does auto-deploy actually download the latest packages?



  • Michael Muni

    can you not exclude the machine from having internet blocked?

    I'm not sure how often it checks for updates but I would guess somewhere along the lines of every hour or every couple hours. I have seen it update the package list a few times in a single day so its not limited to once per day.

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  • Tom Philbrick

    I suppose we could try that Mmuni. Thanks!


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  • Emily

    Tom and Mmuni, 

    My apologies for the delay in our response.

    The Package Library refreshes every 2 hours and every time PDQ Deploy opens.  You can also manually refresh the library on the Main Console window (click View Refresh or press F5).  When packages are updated in the Package Library, PDQ Deploy will start counting down (according to the approval settings) to the time when any auto deployment schedules they are attached to are automatically updated. Auto deployment updates that are waiting to be approved are displayed in the status bar.  The approval settings for auto deployments are set under Preferences.

    Keep in mind that although a package may be immediately approved, it is not actually deployed until its associated schedule runs.

    Package Library updates are published as soon as they are known (including weekends), so if the repository machine is offline, this would prevent updates from being deployed until the machine comes back online.

    Hope this helps,


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