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  • Bouma, Colby

    Every now and then I have had packages fail for random reasons and found myself wishing the same thing. I remember one that failed on step 50/85 because it couldn't copy a desktop shortcut from the repository even though 10 other machines worked just fine. It worked when I tried it again, but I had to run each nested package individually. 

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  • Jason Hanks

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for the suggestion and I'll pass that along to the developers for their consideration in a future release.  At the current time you can reopen the package you're deploying, select the steps you don't want to run, right click and deselect the "Enabled" option to disable the steps.  Save the package and redeploy to those targets.  This is something that I use often when testing multi-step packages so that steps don't run every time I make a change and redeploy.



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