Slow push file copy with remote path


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  • Jason Hanks

    Hi Brandon,

    What you're referring to is a Push vs. Pull deployment.  In the instance you described, even though you had the repository files for that package pointed to a local server's UNC path, if you don't change the Copy Mode from Push to Pull it will push the files from your console instead of pulling them from the local server.  

    You have a few options like creating a package for Push deployments in your local site, and a secondary package that the file path is pointed to the UNC path at the other site and you change the package properties to Pull.  The issue there is having to make multiple packages for the same deployment.

    The preferred solution is to set up a DFS share and point your repository to the UNC path of the share, point the package to the UNC path, and change the Copy Mode of the package to Pull.  This will work for anywhere that you have DFS set up to deploy to.

    We did a webcast a few months back that might help clarify the setup and process.

    PDQ Deploy and Microsoft DFS


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