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Can someone at Admin Arsenal explain exactly how the multiple package deployments work when creating schedules?


What I was expecting: At set schedule the selected packages would be deployed in order from top to bottom to each computer that the schedule is set to deploy to. These would basically be like a single deployment however when it becomes time to deploy to a computer in the deployment queue each package would be deployed to the computer one right after another.


What actually seems to be happening: at set schedule a deployment is created for each package and PDQ somehow is making sure that only one package queues up at a time in the proper order. 



The problem with this however is that If I'm expecting to deploy multiple packages to a computer I cannot count on them being deployed one right after the other. For example, I have a package that displays a message to the user and then disables the use of Mouse/Keyboard. Right after that I want the Java or Flash package to deploy and then finally a third package would give Mouse/Keyboard control back to the end user. Currently what would happen is that the first package would run for everyone locking up all computer, then 30 minutes to an hour later the second package would start pushing out to all the computers over an hour to and hour and a half. Then finally the last package would start going through and giving control back to users. Basically all computers would be non usable for about 3-4 hours.



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  • Hi Mmuni,

    Sorry for missing this post.  What version of Deploy were you running when this behavior started and are you still seeing this happen?  In the older versions of Deploy we ran attached packages in schedules sequentially where now we run them in the order that they are attached.


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