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MSI Error 1642 Adobe Reader XI Patch 11.0.12

Evaluating Enterprise Trial. Extremely impressed. Deployed three packages without any hiccups:

     Adobe Flash for IE

     Uninstall Java 7 7u76 (imported from AdminArsenal on redddit)

     Java 8 Update 51

Now I've hit my first roadblock. Tried:

     Adobe Reader XI Patch 11.0.12

All machines failed with MSI Error 1642. These are Dell boxes that came preloaded with Windows 7 Pro 64 and Reader XI MUI. Manual nag updates work fine. They range:

     11.0.00, 11.0.06, 11.0.09, 11.0.10, 11.0.11, 11.0.12

What am I missing here?




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  • Looking at the Adobe Reader XI Patch 11.0.12 that I downloaded from Admin Arsenal collection in PDQ Deploy Trial Enterprise:

         AdbeRdrUpd11012.msp is 45,964 KB

    I downloaded the patch straight from Adobe, duplicated the above Admin Arsenal supplied package, and repointed the install file to the one I downloaded from Adobe. It is a smaller size:

         AdbeRdrUpd11012.msp is 37,944 KB

    This one from Adobe sailed and was successful. Can someone please enlighten me on why the size difference? Why theirs worked and your didn't? Is what I did safe or should I not have done this?


  • I'd wager the one you downloaded from Adobe was the MUI. The patch in that package is the full international patch, not just the 5 language MUI. That is also why you are seeing the 1642 error. Only the MUI patch can be applied when the MUI installer was initially used.

    We downloaded the Adobe patch from this site.

    If you run an MD5 or SHA utility against the one in the PDQ Package and the 44.9 MB patch from the above site you will see a match.


  • Shane, I see now what you are talking about, there are two, and my Dell boxes use the first one listed below. Given how large the Dell user base is, it would seem helpful if the Admin Arsenal collection listed both of these Reader packages, and some helpful tip on how to figure out which one is needed.

    As a newbie evaluating this software, my thoughts went quickly from amazement at just how well PDQ Deploy worked, to frustration and thinking "Maybe this isn't so great, if I have to troubleshoot there goes my time savings".

    I'm sure once I learn my way around how all of this works, it will become second nature, but from an end user perspective this definitely gave me pause if I wanted to continue pursuing this. I'm glad I decided to investigate further, because this is awesome software.


    Adobe Reader 11.0.12 update - Multilingual (MUI) installer


    Adobe Reader 11.0.12 update - All languages

  • We have now added an MUI patch for Adobe Reader XI. If you don't see it in the Package Library just refresh (F5) or restart your console. This should patch your existing Reader XI MUI machines without an issue.