PDQ Deploy Creative Cloud 2015

Has Anyone successfully deployed Creative Cloud 2015 with PDQ?

I did the Adobe Creative Cloud Packager that Adobe Provides I then put in the MSI

along with this command line 

msiexec.exe /i "Adobe Graphics Suite 64bit.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /quiet /norestart /log output.log

The deployment reached 1 hour and it gave me the following error

Remote Process exceeded timeout for completion.

So next time I increased the timeout using custom timeout in the package properties to 360 minutes and after 2 hours I get the error Deployment thread locked up and was terminated.

Any help or tutorials would be great.


Need to deploy to about 10 more users.




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  • I use the setup.exe, works every time


    Adobe_CC\setup.exe /s

  • Has anyone had any luck deploying this with an msi?

  • I am able to do as Peter said and use the setup.exe with /s. Works just fine. The only caveat is when deploying the entire suite you get EVERYTHING. I need to create individual packages and push them instead since we have limited disk space.

  • We have a new guide that walks through the entire process, from the CCP to the Deploy settings (MSI): http://support.adminarsenal.com/entries/99113507-Deploy-Adobe-Creative-Cloud


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