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Adobe Reader DC Deploy issue... keeping PDF associations?

Hi guys,

First off, love the product. It makes my life so much easier. Cheers.

Secondly, is there a way to keep a machines PDF associations in place? For example. We have several systems with Nitro PDF as well as Adobe Reader. These users love their Nitro and want PDF's associated with Nitro. When Adobe Reader gets installed, it takes the associations over. Is there anyway to stop that from happening with a step in the deploy?

Thanks for ALL you guys do... Again, highly recommend the product to all of my fellow admins out there.





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  • I have this same problem.  When I patch Adobe Reader it takes over Nitro's associations.

  • Same issue just posted a question about it.

  • Brandon,
    Excellent to hear you love the product (we're pretty fond of it too). I was reviewing this post to see if it had been resolved and wanted to do some more checking. Not sure if you were able to resolve the issue, but there is a possible way of doing this by editing the installer file itself (hence, creating a custom Reader package) and testing it to see that it doesn't overwrite the default PDF viewer. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

    The properties you're likely looking for are: LEAVE_PDFOWNERSHIP, IW_DEFAULT_VERB (and possibly DEFAULT_VERB, but not for DC, just 8.0 – 8.99).

    To reverse a blanket Reader DC install in this case, you could deploy Nitro back to the machines, excluding the Reader machines (made easier through PDQ Inventory, of course) or deploy a registry tweak to change the default program association.