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  • Leonidas Saldanha
    Hello Thimothy, have u figure out this? I downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade and I'm upgrading computers manually. If PDQ is able to help deploying this upgrade I'll be happy!

    Thank You
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  • Brigg Angus

    Hi Timothy,

    I know this comes late but wanted to answer this in case others (like Leonidas) want some guidance on deploying Windows 10 now that it’s much less a mysterious riddle puzzle Gordian knot than it was a month or two ago.

    It needs to be said, by way of disclaimer, that Admin Arsenal products should not, at this time, be used to deploy operating systems. There are other products out there designed for that purpose.

    That being said, there’s a lot of guidance out there in the world now. Here’s an overview of the upgrade and deployment options for Windows 10.

    I’ve reviewed the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit MDT upgrade option, and that seems like a reasonable solution, though more old school than the new and improved tool sets out there.

    For images, there are a few choices. The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer is built for Windows 10, and comes in the Windows 10 ADK.

    If you’re deploying to multiple sites, you can use DFS to replicate the Windows 10 shares.

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