Is there a way to have nested packages auto update (from the package library) to the most current version?

Is there a way to have nested packages auto update (from the package library) to the most current version? I ask this because one of our packages includes all the basic programs that all of our companies computers need. I would like to deploy this package to any new computer we purchase.

The problem then arises that this basic computer setup package is now outdated and I must manually delete the old steps, import the newest versions (in this case flash, reader dc, java, chrome) and re-nest these package into my big package to make sure my overall package is up to date.



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  • This would be great. Right now I manually edit each step so I don't break my nesting.

  • This would be my feature request either. +1

  • This is definitely something that can be done.  We actually did a webcast about this topic right after the original question was asked.

    Maintaining a Baseline of Applications

  • I watched the entire video, all they talked about was adding auto deploy to schedules and manually adding a version to nested packages... so the question still remains.

  • So, this is still open is it? Like Mmuni said, it's possible to use auto deploy packages in schedules, but not in a nested package.

    It would be great to just have 1 "multi" package when auto deploy packages that's constantly updated.

  • Once the baseline schedule of Auto Deploy packages is created, you can edit the schedule and go to the Packages tab and attach packages that you've imported or created.


  • Right, I understand that I can add auto deploy packages to a schedule. But like I said; there doesn't seem to be a way to create a package with auto deploy packages nested inside.

  • Michel is right, you cant add autodeploy packages as nested packages.

    This means you cant really deploy things exactly as you would like, things may take forever for it to go through a schedule of packages rather than from one step to the next. 

    If its just one auto-deploy package the new Beta8 may offer a way around this by allowing the addition of steps before and after but being able to add an autodeployment package as a nested package would be much more powerful.

  • The way I'm using it right now is creating a schedule like Jason proposed, with multiple auto deploy packages nested. Whenever I want to deploy this set of packages to a client, I edit the schedule and just add the client to the target list and hit Start schedule > All attached packages. But that's not ideal.

  • You can also select multiple Auto Deployment packages and select "Start a deployment with these packages". This may be a feature that was added after Jan 2016 though. 

    Adding the ability to attach an Auto Deploy package to a custom package as a "Nested Package" would be amazing. 

    We have Adobe Reader DC auto deploy to computers and for some reason if we install Adobe X Standard it breaks the Adobe DC IE plugin. The solution is to remove and reinstall Adobe DC. I would like to modify our Adobe X STD package to uninstall DC, install STD and then install DC again. I could import the current DC package and then nest that into the STD package but every time DC updates I will need to import and update the Adobe STD package I made. Considering how often DC updates, that would be incredibly inconvenient. 

    It would be appreciated if this could be revisited by the PDQ team. 

  • Yes, I wanted to create a base install with autodeployment packages, as of now I still cannot create a nested auto deployment package :(

  • Would love this feature as well.

    Create a package with nested packages that contain auto deployment packages.

  • I use just an normal package with nested to deploy to new machines that are imaged from MDT

  • So, the need for this is becoming huge on your end. I'd love to know what the status is on this? Can we expect anything like this in the near future?

  • In Deploy 15 Beta 1 we introduced the Auto Download feature. This replaces Auto Deployment. Now every package downloaded from the Package Library in Enterprise mode will automatically update when there's a new version.

    Our documentation will be a bit more fleshed out in Beta 2.

  • Sounds very promising. How will this work with packages that have extra steps applied before/after? Or nested packages? I'm assuming they will also be updated?

  • > How will this work with packages that have extra steps applied before/after? 

    Auto Download has Pre and Post steps like Auto Deployment.


    > Or nested packages?

    You can point to Auto Download packages in Nested Package steps.


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