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Is there a way to have a package install only when the pc comes online?

So usually a WoL is sent to wake the computer and install. Is there a way that a package installs when the pc comes online without the use of WoL?



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  • This can be accomplished if you have both PDQ Inventory and a Pro or Enterprise license of PDQ Deploy.  When you look at the schedule options in Deploy you'll want to choose the Heartbeat schedule.  This relies on a successful scan of computers in PDQ Inventory and having the heartbeat enabled in Inventory preferences.  With this scenario you need to remember that this will not start the schedule immediately but will rely on a state of change of a computer from Off to On in Inventory which will then trigger the deployment.




    We did a webcast not too long ago on the different types of Schedules available and how they should be used that might also give you some more insight.

    PDQ Deploy: Scheduling 101